Network Maintenance Announcement

 Apr 5th

Dear Datalab Clients, Network Maintenance Notification Datalab's engineers will be performing planned maintenance within our data center. The work will be performed on Friday 4/05/2015, during the maintenance window of 4:30PM-5:30PM, CT. Our goal is to successfully complete the task and restore service within the stated time frame. Although we ... Read More »

NEW Shoutcast V2 Radio Hosting Services

 Aug 10th

We are proud to announce our new service for amateur and Pro Radio stations. We are running 2 servers at the moment, one in France for our EU customers and one in Canada for US and CA customers.

Order your service from the website and start broadcasting now.

Easy Apache 4 and multi php version option

 Feb 20th

Over the past several months, we have been working on the next generation of EasyApache. In EasyApache 4, we wmade quite a few major changes to the way cPanel & WHM utilizes Apache HTTPd & PHP. This will initially be an opt-in update so that users can choose when to move to the new ecosystem, but at some point, this is a required change. ... Read More »


 Aug 6th

We just moved from php v5.3.3 to php v5.4.3 Some websites might have errors at the moment. You need to edit your code to make your scripts compatible with this new php version. For assistant dont hessitate to open a support ticket.

Datalab Systems Datacenter Team